How Can One Go About Choosing Rugs for A New House?

People spend a lot of money renovating and designing their house. And while there are countless ways in which one can upgrade their house, people often seem to miss the most obvious and common ones. A simple way to upgrade a house is by installing new blinds, furniture or rugs, instead of spending a significant amount on actual renovation or construction. Rugs, for instance, may seem irrelevant or immaterial, but when you choose the right kind of rug for different rooms in your house, it’s a different story altogether as installing the right kind of rug can efficiently transform and upgrade your house. 

Let us delve into how one must go about choosing rugs for a new house.

  • Consider the space

Before buying new rugs for the house, always consider the room you intend to upgrade. So, if it’s the kitchen or the hallway, which usually has way more footfall than the living room, it is ideal to choose a rug which can be easily cleaned and is hard wearing. For this purpose, you can go for rugs with darker shades and patterns, which can be easily cleaned.

  • The right measurement

When it comes to choosing rugs, it is imperative that you take the most accurate measurements. One must ideally keep taking measurements of the same space again and again to make sure there are no discrepancies. You must also refrain from choosing rugs that go in the middle of a room, without touching any furniture. This must be avoided as it doesn’t look appealing and since the purpose of rugs is to bring the room together, you must choose the ones that touch the furniture and even go under it! 

Further, if you want to know what size will fit perfectly, you can glue newspapers together and lay them out on the floor, wide open. This will give you a fair idea about the size of the rugs to purchase.

  • The patterns

Patterns and styles are what rugs are known for. Rugs come in countless styles, patterns and designs. The more you search, the wider the variety gets! So, it is ideal to choose rugs that suit your needs, and fit your budget. 

Decor Chantilly rugs come in several colors and patterns and offer durability at the same time.

So, if you want to make a statement, installing a rug can effectively enliven your space. 


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