How to Choose a Home Repair Service: Tips and Recommendations

Before choosing a home Repair Service such as Absolute Home Services for example, look or ask about the two prices they will charge you, basically the cost of the hour of labor and the price you will pay for the trip (it will be around 50 euros), and compare. Of course, consider whether you can afford the cost of travel.

Also, keep in mind that there are classic Repair Services that offer you, some for free, the collection of your car from your home, and they return it to you already repaired at home, with which you can save the cost of traveling to your home from the home Repair Service.

If you choose a home tire replacement service, remember that you will have to pay online, in advance, for the tires on the website and that they will then send you to an associated Repair Service, to which they will later pay a part of the amount paid.

To know if your mechanic or home Repair Service is legal, the first thing is to consult them and then check their registration number in the special registry of motor vehicle repair Repair Services and their equipment and components (there is one in each Autonomous Community). It is a pirate if it is not there, so be careful.

Another obligation that these home repair service will have is to be legally classified by their activity (mechanics, electricity, bodywork, or painting of the automobile) and to display in an easily visible place (presumably on the van) the corresponding badge plate, indicating the activity, the acronym of the province where the Repair Service is located and the corresponding number in the previous special registry.

Right To Budget

If the repair is important, do not forget to ask them for a quote, which must be free (unless they have to do a task to locate the fault) and which must be signed.

The law  says in this regard that.

“ The service can only be provided once the user, or an authorized person, has granted his or her consent by signing the budget or has reliably waived the preparation.”

Right To An Invoice

All repair shops (official or independent, physical or home) must give the consumer a detailed invoice that perfectly identifies the Repair Service, the user, the vehicle and the different works performed, and the price of the repair.

Remember that the invoice is a key document once the keys are returned to you after the repair. If something goes wrong, you have a legal guarantee of the repair, and your guarantee is the invoice, which must be written, signed, and sealed and the concepts properly broken down.


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