You give yourself a strong Rubber flooring option if you choose rubber flooring. It can last for about 50 years. Its anti-slip properties make it perfect for damp areas. The material comes in various colors and designs and it is also versatile option, giving your room more appeal.

Here we discuss some Pros and Cons of Rubber Flooring

Advantages of Rubber Flooring

Tremendously Tough

This flooring   often lasts for 50 years because its durability is high. it can repel water and other liquids because it is non-porous. Rubber floors do not degrade over time as it is stain-resistant. This floor is also recyclable, which makes it a sustainable material

Low Maintenance

Maintenance of this floor is very easy. Than other flooring options, it has a longer lifespan. Rubber floor is easy to clean by sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming. Once cleaned the floor looks good as it is stain-resistant.

Sound Proof

Rubber is making for good soundproofing material because it absorbs sound. it helps reduce sound from below.


From recycled materials manufacturers make rubber. For the environment, this feature makes rubber floor is more suitable.


Then other types of flooring rubber floor costs are significantly less. That makes it much more economical. Making it an perfect choice for homeowners because you can also install it on existing subfloors,


Because of its anti-slip properties. Rubber flooring is choose by many commercial and residential buildings. Rubber is nice to walk because it feels comfortable underfoot. It is a safer option because it is naturally slip-resistant.

Disadvantages of Rubber Flooring

  • Although rubber is a fantastic tiling material, it also has some drawbacks.
  • Within the first few weeks of installation, the rubber floor has a distinct smell.
  • It easily fades over time.
  • Rubber floor installation is time-consuming in larger spaces.
  • It Has a limited application.

Routine Cleaning

These are the steps that will help you with routine cleaning.

  • Carefully vacuum the floor: First, when you start cleaning and removing grit and dirt you need to dry vacuum the floor. Ensuring you do not miss a spot starting from one side of the room to the other. Collected dust can lead to uneven wearing of the rubber floor.
  • Then, use water and soap and mix a detergent: in a bucket mix mild dish soap with warm water to make a rubber floor cleaner.
  • To mop the rubber floor, use a mop and cleaner. Squeeze the mop occasionally.
  • Air-dry the area: You do not need to cloth to dry the freshly cleaned floor. Let the floor air dry. Open the window to allow it to dry quickly if it is a room with poor ventilation.
  • You need to avoid harsh cleaners or cleaning methods when doing normal cleaning. Some cleaners contain solvents and acids, if you keep using them regularly they can erode the flooring. A tough cleaning can also cause wear and tear. Whenever you can use plain soap and warm water.

Rubber Flooring Maintenance

  • Clean spills immediately when they occur. It can damage the adhesive underlay when you leave the water to stand on the rubber floor for a long.
  • Have a regular cleaning schedule.


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