What Are The Best Doormats For Removing Dirt?

A good doormat is a must to remove all the dirt and dust particles, preserving your floor’s appearance and quality. However, choosing the right doormat can be quite challenging because there are a lot of choices available in the market to choose from. For your ease, we’ve gathered the top 3 types of doormats that serve best against dirt and moisture.  By the end of this article, you’ll be able to know which type is best for your residential or commercial space. So, continue reading;

Top 3 Types Of Dirt Removing Doormats

  1. Scraper Doormats

Scraper mats are considered ideal even for trapping the toughest dirt particles. Made with rough and aggressive materials, these mats are super-duper to hold the largest debris such as salt, snow, sand, and rocks, preventing your indoors. Moreover, these types of doormats are resistant to moisture and water. This is the reason these mats are easier to clean.

Many commercial places prefer installing these mats for maximum protection up to a length of approximately 5 meters.

They are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns that can make your entrance welcoming and pleasing to guests. You can also place these mats inside to enhance the decorative appeal of your indoors.

  1. Wiper/Scraper Doormats

As the name implies, wiper/scraper mats are usually designed to serve two functions at a time—scraping and wiping. These mats are particularly common in commercial spaces where they are installed for a length of up to 5 meters, covering the first 10 to 15 steps from the entrance.

One of the main reasons why these mats are considered great against dirt is their high fiber density. This feature offers two main functions that scraper mats can’t do: First, it offers a great capacity of absorption, and secondly it does better retention of smaller dust and dirt particles. It means your shoes and boots will be free from any outdoor elements after stepping on these mats. Their tough fabric is great at keeping all debris in check.

  1. Wiper Doormats

Wiper mats are a great way of trapping the finest dust particles and drying the feet. These mats are installed only indoors to absorb water from shoes and boots. Be it winter or summer, wiper mats serve best in protecting your floors while retaining water on their surfaces.

You might have observed that some floors are susceptible to falls due to their slippery nature. Having wiper mats for such floors could be a great idea to reduce the risk of falls as they can well absorb moisture and water content. So, these mats ensure you that you are standing on the safe floor. Many commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools, universities, and malls prefer installing these mats inside.

Final Words

In short, we’ve discussed three main doormat types with you: Scraper mats for trapping larger debris, wiper/scraper mats for absorbing water and trapping smaller debris, and wiper mats for shoe drying and trapping the finest dust particles. If you really want to preserve the quality of your floor, a combination of these 3 types would work perfectly!

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