5 Essentials for Choosing Energy-Efficient Windows

When it comes to saving money and energy in your home, you need to install energy-efficient windows and doors. However, all energy-efficient windows are not the same as some are capable of saving more energy than others. This is due to some essential components that some energy-efficient windows possess that others don’t have.

Therefore, before choosing energy-efficient windows, here are 5 essentials you must consider:

Panes of glass

Several years ago, all windows had only a single pane of glass. However, things have changed significantly as there are now windows with double and triple panes. When compared to single-paned windows, double- or triple-paned windows are more energy-efficient. This is because the additional pane increases the ability of the windows to let heat in or out of the house when necessary.

Furthermore, double- or triple-paned windows usually contain argon or krypton gas that increases their energy efficiency.


Design is another essential component for selecting energy-efficient windows and doors. Notably, the design of a window can play a key role in its degree of heat loss or heat gain. Casement windows and double-hung windows are two of the most efficient window designs. These windows are efficient and aesthetic.

Apart from these two window designs, picture windows are also great. Since these windows are inoperable, they tend to be the most energy-efficient windows. However, for other purposes, they are not as effective as casement and double-hung windows.

Frame construction

Regardless of the design and number of panes in a window, it cannot function properly if its frame construction is poor. So, the frame construction is one of the essential things to consider when choosing energy-efficient windows. It is noteworthy that window frames are made of a wide range of materials such as vinyl, aluminum, and wood.

Each type of these frame materials is energy efficient, but their efficiency differs. Whatever frame material you choose for your home, make sure it is high-quality.

Energy efficiency labels

To guarantee energy efficiency, you need to consider energy efficiency labels. Generally, NFRC and ENERGY STAR labels are two crucial labels you must check before choosing windows and doors. NFFC rating focuses on the environmentally friendliness of windows whereas ENERGY STAR considers the overall performance of windows.

Take the time to learn more about these ratings. This will assist you to know what you need to focus on as you choose energy-efficient windows and doors for your home.

Window installation

Window installation is a vital component that must be considered when selecting energy-efficient windows. If windows and doors are installed properly by experts, they will be capable of reducing air filtration. Consequently, the windows will operate properly and will be energy-efficient. On the other hand, poor window installation can affect the operation and cause drafts, leaks, and even costly water damage.

So, don’t overlook proper window installation when you need energy-efficient windows.

As long as the 5 essentials are available in your windows and doors, you can rest assured that they are energy efficient.


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