A Day of Shopping and Entertainment: Brookfield’s Retail Hotspots

Brookfield is a bustling city full of exciting opportunities and attractions. There are numerous reasons why Brookfield is a great place to call home, whether you’re considering a relocation to the Milwaukee suburbs or you just appreciate showing off your Brookfield pride. From New York’s Brookfield Square and Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz to Miami’s Design District and Honolulu’s Ala Moana Center, the city is reimagining the retail experience by integrating shopping, eating and entertainment. If you are looking for homes for sale in Brookfield, here are some reasons you will love your choice.

Nonstop shopping

The convenience of living in Brookfield’s real estate options is unparalleled. Bluemound Road is the epicenter of superb shopping, with a wonderful selection of independent boutiques and well-known chain stores. In addition, places like Brookfield Square and The Corners, with their abundance of shops, should not be missed. You will never be at a loss for alternatives, whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe or discover the perfect present for someone special.

The Place to PLAY

Have fun any way you like it in Brookfield! Brookfield has many things to do, including miles of gorgeous city parks to explore and several health, fitness, spa, theater, and performing arts venues.

  • Parks

The Greenway Trail network links all around Brookfield, parks, and communities. Fox Brook Park has a sand beach, volleyball courts, a fishing pier, and paddle boats on a quarry lake. It would help if you considered going to Wirth Park for fresh air and family fun.

  • Fitness and Health

Wisconsin’s first Lifetime Fitness, a luxury fitness club and spa, offers many services and amenities, from hot yoga to kickboxing.

  • Entertainment

Wisconsin’s first WhirlyBall can be found at Sharon Lynne Wilson Center, and there is also a Marcus Movie Tavern, Silverspot Theatre, Adventure Rock, X Golf (indoor golf simulators with bar & cuisine), and escape rooms. Also, did you hear that Urban Air is setting up shop in Brookfield? 

Places to dine in Brookfield

More than 150 eateries in Brookfield cater to every taste and price. Here are a few ideas on where to dine:

  • Go for typical American fare, such as Fuddruckers burgers and Kopp’s and Oscar’s custard.
  • Delicious breakfast at Original Pancake House or First Watch.
  • Margaritas with guacamole at the original Uncle Julio’s in Wisconsin, Jose’s, or Belair Cantina.
  • Grub at Grimaldi’s or the upcoming Lou Malnati’s in Wisconsin (scheduled to open in the summer of 2020).
  • You can get fresh, local foods to cook at the Brookfield Farmer’s Market.

The dining scenery in Brookfield is significantly diverse and caters to different tastes and preferences.

Superb opportunity to enjoy nature

Take a deep gulp of clean air from Wisconsin. There is no place quite like Brookfield’s parks. Fox Wood Park is a 223-acre paradise with various protected animals and outdoor activity opportunities. The Greenway Trail Network is a “comprehensive city-wide off-street network” that links local parks to long-distance routes.

Life in Brookfield is Easy, Relaxing, and Convenient. It’s the best spot in Southeastern Wisconsin for shopping, entertainment, dining and housing. The convenience of its proximity to Interstate Highways 94 and 41 will impress you. Brookfield provides the room and quiet of the suburbs while conveniently located in the center of the Milwaukee metropolitan region. In addition, you can reach Madison in 50 minutes, Appleton in 90 minutes, Green Bay in 2 hours, and the northern Chicago districts 100 miles from Brookfield.


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