Can You Use Led Lights in Pool?


Pool & Spa Lights illuminate larger areas of your pool or spa with high-quality, multi-color LED lighting.

Features include:

  • A light source designed for inground swimming pools.
  • Full pool illumination tailored to cover expansive pool areas.
  • Energy-efficient LEDs that can provide more light while consuming less power.
  • An option to upgrade old incandescent bulbs to energy-efficient, multi-color, or white LEDs.

Compact Lights

Our Compact Lights are flexible lighting solutions that can illuminate an entire pool or highlight the features of a small or shallow pool.

Features include:

  • Ability to highlight various aspects of a swimming pool, such as sun shelves, curves, steps, and swim-out areas.
  • More flexibility and illumination with a shorter fixture depth.
  • Multiple small lights that allow for independent control of lighting in different pool zones.
  • The option to choose from cool white, multi-color, or warm white lights. You can also adjust the light show to one of seven dynamic colors to suit your mood.

Illuminated Water Features

Illuminated Water features add personality to your pool, spa, or deck with sounds that complement the poolside atmosphere.

Features include:

  • Enhancement of poolscapes with soothing sounds and aesthetically pleasing sights.
  • Added movement to your pool for a visual flow.
  • Add-ons to your pool, such as steps, sun shelves, and beach entries.
  • The option to choose from five brilliant colors, or seven dynamic color-changing light shows to suit your mood.

Beach to Bay Dive Services started in early 2019 as a commercial dive service. Our team continues to provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that each project will be performed correctly from conception to completion at a fair cost. Our reputation has been and continues to be our best advertisement. Recently, Beach to Bay Dive Services has transitioned to Our experienced pool technicians provide a level of service and repairs that assure our pool customers have the same peace of mind as our dive service.


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