Do You Know Why Insect Screens Are Crucial in the UK?

With the arrival of summer, the heat, barbeques, and bothersome flies and insects become a common challenge. Fortunately, insect screens emerged as a practical solution, permitting the opening of windows and doors on warm days. While commonly associated with keeping insects at bay, these screens offer many advantages beyond just repelling bugs.

Premier Screen Limited is a well-known UK-based company that supplied such fly screens for windows for many years. You can also get flyscreens customized to your requirements.

The following are a few benefits offered by these flyscreens:

1.     Extra security

Fly screens keep out flies but also enhance home security by deterring break-ins. Specialized versions with sturdy frames and tough netting make intrusion more challenging. While contributing to security, fly screens offer various other benefits for homeowners.

2.     Improved health

Flies pose health risks by carrying diseases from unsanitary places besides being a nuisance. They potentially spread diseases like:

  • Tuberculosis
  • Cholera
  • typhoid fever.

Using fly screens is a simple and effective preventive measure for a healthier household.

3.     Protecting the children

Fly screens offer more than protection from pests. They are a valuable tool for childproofing homes. These specialized screens help prevent young children from accidentally opening doors and wandering outside, ensuring their safety while maintaining a barrier against pests.

4.     Added privacy

Neighbours can inadvertently invade our privacy, making us feel confined. While desiring sunlight and fresh air, keeping doors open invites prying eyes. A fly screen serves as a practical compromise, offering privacy through mesh while allowing the enjoyment of the outdoors from home.

5.     More energy efficient

Open doors invite direct sunlight, raising interior temperatures and increasing energy costs for temperature control. Fly screens act as a simple solution, reducing sunlight entry, minimizing heat, and functioning like a basic solar panel for doors, resulting in lower monthly utility bills.

6.     Surprising Style

Unlike traditional black mesh designs, modern fly screens offer diverse styles to enhance your home’s exterior. From natural wood designs to gothic wrought iron or coordinating aluminium options, these screens go beyond function, contributing to curbing appeal and potentially increasing home value.

7.     Cleaner air

Opening doors for fresh air often brings in pests, pollen, and dirt. Fly screens act as a barrier, allowing clean air while keeping unwanted elements out. This improves ventilation and promotes cleaner indoor air, contributing to a healthier living environment.

8.     Natural light

Fly screens provide optimal light entry, offering enough illumination to see clearly without excessive glare. Proximity to the door allows reduced reliance on interior lights, leading to additional utility savings. The natural light enhances the home’s appearance, creating a vibrant and welcoming visitor atmosphere.

Insect screens are now a legal requirement

Food Safety Regulations mandate insect-proof screens for windows and doors in food preparation spaces. Beyond compliance, these screens safeguard against insect intrusion, preventing contamination of work surfaces and food.

Failure to install them may lead to food wastage and pose risks to diners. Insect screens facilitate kitchen ventilation, which is essential for cooling staff working amid heat-producing appliances. Their installation benefits hygiene, food preservation, and overall operational safety.


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