Five Signs You Should Consider Getting a New Kitchen Countertop

For many homes, occasional renovations are essential. Because the kitchen is a frequently used space in a house, it usually requires more remodeling than other rooms. One of the important parts of a kitchen renovation is getting new countertops. Countertops from Granite au Sommet can keep your house in shape. If you are still wondering if you should get new kitchen countertops, you should consider the following signs:

Cracked Surface

If your countertop has been used for many years, it may have chips and cracks on it. Chopping knives and the weight of kitchen utensils may have caused these imperfections over the years. Although some parts of the countertop are still functional, getting a new countertop now will provide you with more space to work. 

In addition, cracked surfaces look unsightly and can tarnish your beautiful kitchen’s aesthetic. Replacing these surfaces with new ones is important to ensure to keep your kitchen well-maintained. 

Eroded or Scored Countertop

Acidic foods such as meats, beans, salty dishes, and eggs can erode a countertop when spilled. Such erosion may occur over many years or if you don’t take spills seriously. 

Also, placing hot pans directly on the countertop can scorch it. When you see erosion or scorching on your countertop, you should consider investing in a new one to make sure your kitchen does not look messy.


Stains can place a severe damper on the aesthetic of your kitchen. Porous countertops or improperly sealed ones allow stains to stay permanently on them. To get rid of those ugly marks, think about getting a new kitchen countertop.

Wrong Kind of Kitchen Countertop

There are many kitchen countertop materials you can pick from. Ceramic tile, solid-surface metal, and laminates are famous; however, they can chip and scratch easily. This is also an issue with soapstone that cutting vegetables can already break it. 

Countertop surfaces are not made equal; however, you must consider investing in granite or engineered quartz to ensure you have a fully functional kitchen. Either of these materials looks better than the alternatives and offers you peace of mind. And because high-end stones are made to last, they are an excellent financial investment for your home. 

Water Damage

No matter the kind of countertop you have in your kitchen, water damage is a major concern that is almost unavoidable. Even if water spots or stains are not visible on the surface, there may find a crusty white buildup under your countertop. Water can leave stains that are almost impossible to eliminate. So, if you have this issue on your countertop, consider getting a new one. 


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