Here are the Most Popular Granite Countertop Colors to Choose From

All of us love granite and for the obvious reasons. It has stunning appearance and the variations on the slab occur very naturally. This makes slabs a unique piece of art. Granite is also a very low maintenance material and is very easy to clean. Also, the durability of these natural stones is commendable and hence it is highly preferred for countertops, backsplashes, wall caps, bar tops and others. 

Here are some of the popular granite colors that you can choose from for your kitchen.

White granite

White granite is the classic choice for most homeowners, owing to its luxurious feel. These slabs are simple yet elegant at the same time. The black and gray crystals on the slab create a mesmerizing contrast against its timeless white base. This countertop is going to complement almost any probable kitchen style. There are many alternatives one can pick just within this color scale.

Desert brown

This is a color that is more suitable with the warmer palettes. This color of the countertop demands to be paired with darker kitchen cabinets. These slabs have a very neutral tan background and there is reminiscence of sunbathed sand on the surface. There is also a presence of black speckled highlights along with swatches of burgundy on it. This gives the slab a very calming richness.

Bright blue

Bright blue granites are mostly available in the sapphire blue shades. These natural stones are darker in colors and have large sections of brown, black and blue. It can pair very beautifully with both the dark and light kitchen elements. This is why granite is always considered to be a stunning and versatile countertop choice.

Steel grey

If you want to have a kitchen countertop, which is more on the cooler side of the color spectrum, then granites of the steel grey color should be your pick. These slabs have flecks of light grey highlights on them along with various shades of darker greys. This is how it can create a very beautiful and neutral canvas for every homeowner who want to set the trend. Any light or dark shades of the cabinets will be a fitting pair to it.

Browse through the widest range of countertops today. Granite countertops wholesale come in exclusive varieties that can enhance the look and feel of any kitchen space, almost instantly. 


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