Mark Roemer Oakland Examines How to Save Money on Rent


You’ve undoubtedly seen a pattern if you are looking for a new rental home or extending your rent. The rent is steadily increasing. Although the high rent price is frightening, there are methods to lower your monthly payments or locate cheaper deals that meet your income. Check out this post as Mark Roemer Oakland gives you ways to save money on rent.

Save Money on Rent

1. Have A Roommate

Having a roommate will surely assist you in saving most of your money. A one-bedroom rental home in the United States costs $1,663, whereas a two-bedroom rental home costs $1,934. Split the second figure by two, and the monthly cost is $696 less. Multiply it by 12 to get significant savings. That does not even consider everyday expenses like food, hygiene, cooking supplies, and utilities.

2. Bargain When You Renew a Rent

Landowners like to retain excellent renters. Moving you out and bringing another person costs them an expense. That suggests you get some clout. Investigate nearby flats in your region and come in with a price in mind. If the homeowner refuses to compromise, inform them you will be looking elsewhere. They will want to retain you if you have been a good renter.

3. Pay in Advance

If you can pay it, propose paying the total rent or several months in advance for a reduction. The landowner might offer you a discount in exchange for cash, but this is only possible if you possess sufficient funds to meet the rent and some necessities. You do not want to have credit card balances since you depleted your savings account to save some bucks on rent. In addition, bank card fees will eat into the funds. And if you do pay in advance, be sure to return the funds to your savings account every month.

4. Sign A Lease Extension

A landowner seeks consistency. You may offer it to them by contracting with them for one year and a half or two years rather than six months or one year. The longer the rental, the more lenient the landowner will be.

5. Make Your Garage Space Available

You do not require a parking place if you do not own a vehicle. Offer to trade it in return for a lower rent. The landowner may offer the area to the other tenant who needs more parking space.

  1. Search for Home Rentals During the Winter

Landowners have a difficult time locating tenants throughout the winter. Most of the nation is frigid, and many choose not to leave their warm homes. Rentals may last for the season, and landowners lose a lot of money every month if they don’t receive a lease.

7. Look for A Smaller Unit

Smaller flats will be less expensive. Downsizing your flat’s space is an excellent way to save rent. More extensive flats like two-bedroom apartments will always command a higher rent. They have a more spacious area, storage, and other valuable features. So, if you cannot squeeze a two-bedroom apartment into your budget, consider fewer features and spaces, such as one-bedroom home rentals.


The standard rent for home rentals is that rent must not exceed 30% of your total monthly budget. The assumption is that it will result in a balanced budget. Take note of these Mark Roemer Oakland rent-saving strategies to live a stress-free life.


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