Solved! This Is How You Can Get The Best Staircase Carpet

The staircase carrpet is the most common place in the house that requires carpeting. But when it comes to choosing the right staircase carpets, you may get confused as you may need to focus on several factors. In addition to deciding on the color and style, the staircase carpet you choose also has to be of appropriate durability to withstand heavier footfall.

Staircase Carpets Add Safety To Your Stairs

Having staircase carpets on the stairs is a million times safer than having those covered with hard floors. As hard surfaces become slippery when wet, they can cause severe injury. Staircase carpets, on the other hand, reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Carpet Quality

Stairs in the house are the most frequently used spaces. Therefore, you should consider the highest-quality staircase carpet for your stairs you can afford. It is advisable to place a pad underneath your staircase carpet so that you’ll not have to replace your carpet more frequently.

Thickness Consideration

Many people think that thicker carpets are always durable. However, this is not always the case. There are many durable carpets available in the market with the thinnest profiles. Thickness is one of the major factors to be considered when shopping for a staircase carpet. A carpet that is high in thickness can lead to severe accidents. Also, installers don’t like to work with thick carpets as they are difficult to wrap around the nosing and through the railing pickets. Therefore, always buy a staircase carpet with a carpet padding of 7/16 inch or less, a pile height of 1/2 inch or less, and a pile density rating of at least 8 lbs.

Soil Resistance

Soiling and staining are different from each other. If you are looking for a carpet just to cover your stairs, stain resistance is not a major concern as staircase carpet is less likely to get stained. However, you should still consider a staircase carpet with good soil resistance features. This is because the oil on your feet can leave a residue while walking up and down the stairs. So, always buy a soil-resistant staircase carpet for your stairs.

Style and Appearance

Staircase carpets can be of several styles. If your stairs are open on the side, then you should consider the carpet that can bent in two ways: widthwise over the side of the stairs and lengthwise over the front. These types of carpets will not avoid the possibility of smiling. To avoid side smiling, consider a Berber carpet with larger loops.

The color of the staircase carpet can also have a great impact on the overall interior. If you want a minimalist look, you can consider neutral-colored staircase carpets. If you wish to make your interior look bold and modern, a dark-colored, striped pattern is what you should consider.

Wrapping up!

There are a lot of considerations when choosing staircase carpets. The best staircase carpet is one that meets all the above-listed factors: soil resistance, an appropriate thickness, and durability. When selected and installed properly, a staircase carpet can create a finished look.


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