Top Ways To Soundproof A Door Effectively 

If you are dealing with noisy neighbors or your kids like to practice their instruments in the next room, you may want to soundproof your door. The most noise comes through the door. Therefore, it should be included in your soundproofing plan. While soundproofing is not exactly straightforward, there are easy methods you can apply. 

The straightforward way to soundproof a door is by installing a solid core door, but that option can be expensive for some people. Another cost-effective method of soundproofing your door is sealing the lower gap on your door completely to avoid any noise passing through it. To know more about how to soundproof a door, speak to a soundproofing expert. 

Top ways to soundproof a door effectively 

  • Use a door gasket. 

Sound travels through gaps. The gap under your door may not look significant, but it may be the reason why most of the noise comes in through your door. To cover it, you can use a door gasket which is easy to install. Here are the steps: 

  • Measure the door’s dimensions so you know what size to buy. 
  • Clean the area to ensure the adhesive sticks properly. 
  • Apply the door gasket by following the appropriate directions. 
  • Once it is applied, check if the door seal is stuck properly. 
  • A door sweep. 

A door sweep is an excellent option if you are trying to figure out how to soundproof your door under a budget. There is no point in installing a solid core door if you have a chunk of gap under your door. Attaching a door sweep will seal the bottom and minimize the noise coming from outside. Another benefit of door sweeps is that they prevent bugs. 

  • Adjust the threshold. 

The threshold to your room is the elevated piece of material between your door sill and the bottom of the door. If you do not want to install a solid core door or attach anything under the door to fill the gap, you can adjust and elevate the threshold to block the outside noise. 

  • Use an acoustic sealant. 

Another great way to prevent outside noise is using an acoustic sealant. The tiny air gaps that are sometimes not even noticeable to your eyes can invite noise in. Covering the air gaps with acoustic sealant can block all sorts of sounds. The rule is to use something with a dense intensity and thickness so that the noise cannot leak or penetrate. Otherwise, using these DIY methods won’t be of any use. 


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