What is the Difference between Bolts and Screws? 

As far as the purpose of bolts and screws is concerned, there is hardly any difference between these two because often bolts and screws are used as a substitute for the other in many cases.

Although it would be simple to combine all of these fixings because it would make your task simpler! Before making a purchase, a consumer needs to be informed of several key differences between the two.

It is however true that, to our naked eye, we may not find much of a difference between them. They both are threaded fixings and have got a head for tightening your fastener but there will be more to it than that.

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The most obvious way you can differentiate between a bolt and a screw is by looking at the threaded area, a bolt may not be usually threaded throughout its shank as it has got a plain portion too. A screw, however, is fully threaded to the head.

The following are a few common standard fasteners:


In mechanical production, bolts are frequently used in removable connections and frequently used in conjunction with nuts.


A nut is a type of fastener that has a hole in the middle and a spiral thread inside the hole. Screws that match the bolt in size are used with nuts.


Typically, screws are used alone while screwed into the material where to be fastened.


Bolts and studs are similar, although studs typically have threads on both ends. When a structure is not suited for regular disassembly, they are typically utilized to link massive objects

Wood Screws

Self-tapping screws known as wood screws are often used to fix or connect pieces of wood.

Self-tapping Screws

Self-tapping screws don’t require any prior tapping. Internal thread is created in the material being screwed into by the self-tapping screw as it is inserted.


To prevent loosening and reduce stress on the supporting surface, often washers are placed between the aiding surface of screws, bolts, and nuts and also the supporting surface of the component.

Retaining Rings

To hold a part onto the shafts of an apparatus, holding rings are certain metal fasteners that are put into a groove on the shaft.


Pins are often used to hold an assembly in place when it is connected to another connector. Shear pins are also employed as overload safety mechanisms that shear off in the event of an excessive force.


Rivets feature a head on the one end and a narrow, unthreaded tail on the other. The end of the tail gets hammered to flatten it for joining or fastening after being inserted into the slots of the pieces that need to be linked.

Connection Pairs

The connecting pair consists of self-tapping screws plus washers, bolts, or screws. The washer has to be capable of freely rotate on the screw (or bolt) after being attached to it without coming off. Its primary function is to make the material being fastened more stable and to make it easier to tighten.


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