What Not to Do on Your Flat Roof?

You know how much maintenance is required to keep your roof looking good and safe. It is vital to prevent further damage on flat roofs. They are subjected to a lot of abuse from the weather every year. Learn what to avoid doing on your flat roof by following these tips!

Don’t Ignore General Safety Tips

This one is often overlooked, even though it may seem obvious. Roofs may seem safer, but they are not. Because they aren’t completely at all, our roofs can also be dangerous. It’s difficult to see, but roofing actually has a slight slope. This can throw you off your balance and put your safety at risk.

Prevent Falls

When working on a rooftop, falls are always a risk. But the risk is increased when you don’t know what surface you are standing on. Wearing a harness or installing guardrails to stop you from falling is one way to prevent falls.

Avoid Tripping

Trip hazards can also be a danger to your safety. If you are not aware of your surroundings and there are extra wires or equipment, you could be seriously injured. You can avoid this by using tape to create safe walkways and not leaving things lying around.

Beware of Harsh Weather

Weather is another thing to consider. Roofs can become extremely hot in the summer months due to the sun, and harsh winds are a threat during the winter months. Wearing the right protective gear for the weather and avoiding heat exhaustion is essential to your safety.

Do not ignore safety instructions, whether they are specific or general. You are putting your health and the roof’s well-being at risk.

Don’t Let Debris Build Up

You should also avoid letting debris such as branches and leaves accumulate on your roof. This debris build-up can lead to poor drainage, resulting in ponding of water. This can lead to leaks, and cause severe damage to your building.

It is best to check your roof every two months to avoid accumulation. It is beneficial to check before and after a storm or hurricane. This will allow you to reduce any excess weight and determine if there was any damage.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Speak up if you notice something that seems a bit odd or could be a sign of a larger problem. These small signs can often lead to bigger problems that could cause damage to your roof or even your entire structure. Roofs are at risk from things like pooling of water, loose fasteners, and deteriorated membranes.

Don’t Try a DIY Solution

Last but not least, avoid DIY solutions. Professionals should be hired to maintain flat roofs. You could cause more damage or void your warranty if you do not hire a professional.

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