How to Keep My Air Conditioning Running Smoothly?

Following are the ways you can keep your AC running smoothly, but then if you have more trouble, please contact an “AC repair in my area.”


  • If your air conditioner is not cooling enough, both the simplest and crucial things you can do by yourself are: transform your filter and clean your outdoor condenser. If these two points do not fix the trouble, then you require service. Note: there is an opportunity that your air conditioner system may be doing all it can do during extremely warm conditions.
  • Air Conditioners need to have a filter. The filter will be located inside your house either with the equipment or behind a grille inside your home probably a corridor. It is important that the filter is cleaned up or replaced regularly in order to filter the air correctly and avoid the interior coil from becoming dirty. 1″ filters = change each month; 2″ filters = change every 2 months; 4 to 5″ filters = modification every 6 to 12 months. Filters will become dirtier faster if: there are several animals, there is a messy outside setting such as dirt roadways, buildings, fields, and so on; if carpeting is occasionally vacuumed. We recommend purchasing a year’s well worth of filters so that they come in handy when it’s time to transform them.
  • Make certain to keep the outside condenser clean. This means all sides must have absolutely nothing clinging to them, the sides appear like radiator fins or often they are “spiny” looking. If you do see dust, lawn trimmings, leaves, cottonwood, utilize a water hose pipe with a spray nozzle to rinse the sides off beginning on top and function your way down. Shut off the power first.
  • Do not set your thermostat below 70 degrees as it will not cool down any faster, as well as could freeze up the system creating more troubles.
  • Recognize that there is generally a 20-degree difference between interior air as well as outside temperature levels. So, when it is 92 degrees outside, you can expect to obtain your indoor temperature level to 72 levels if preferred. Nonetheless, if it is 102 degrees outside, your cooling system may battle to satisfy 72 or run at all times attempting to fulfill the demand.

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