Some Facts You Should Learn About Roofing

As a homeowner, you wish to look after the financial investment you have made in your home, as well as do every little thing possible to get the greatest feasible worth out of it throughout the years. Being “roof-wise” is definitely a part of being a diligent homeowner, given the immense significance of your roof covering to the well-being of your structure.

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But in order to complete these objectives, you are most likely to require some basic info on how roof functions, so here are the top few roofing facts everyone requires to understand:

  • Shingles Have a Limited Life Expectancy


It may be good to envision that your roofing shingles will last permanently, but that’s obviously not the case. A lot of three-tab, asphalt roof covering roof shingles benefit 20-25 years before roofing system replacement will become necessary.

Pushing your shingles also long can take the chance of pricey leakages, as well as roofing failings, specifically throughout the following major tornado. Better to replace the roof covering on routine!

  • A Bad Roof Covering Can Damage a Residence Sale

Not just is a new roofing system a massive marketing factor for a listed residence, but it is not unusual for a roof covering in disrepair or that is known to leak at times to become a “deal-breaker.”

Do not risk frightening prospective buyers off by postponing roofing substitutes, a great roofing system can drive a quicker sale at a greater selling factor.

  • Your Roof covering Needs to “Take a breath”

There are numerous keys to obtaining the most out of your roof covering; however, one that is often overlooked suffices attic ventilation.

Air requires to stream below your roofing deck to ensure that cozy, moist air can escape and enable trendy, dry air to take its place. When condensation builds up in your attic room, it can reduce the life of the roof covering shingles by making it harder for them “to take a breath” besides destructive drywall, rafters, as well as insulation.

  • Roofing Over is Not okay!

Given that roof covering substitute is a substantial cost, some individuals might be lured to simply lay down the new tiles over the old ones “roof covering over.” Yet that is a large mistake.

Old tiles include weight to the roofing system, make it difficult to locate and repair roofing system leaks, catch wetness which causes deterioration, and avoid the new roof shingles from lying flat, which reduces their lifetime. Plus, you are most likely to have to pay to remove two layers of roof shingles next time around!

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