The Best Smart Security Gadgets for Your Home

Smart homes have made many aspects of our lives much easier. These gadgets can transform your home completely, creating a living space that is as comfortable as it can be. Smart gadgets make your daily chores much easier to accomplish, and most tasks become a lot more convenient when using them. For every homeowner, having good security in their home is an absolute necessity. How much security your home requires depends on the kind of neighborhood you live in, and even the type of home you own; however, adding a few extra layers of security to a home is always a good idea.

Smart security gadgets are a game-changer when it comes to making a home perfectly secure. These gadgets can create the safest possible home for you, and after the initial investment, you just need a reliable internet connection to be able to access these gadgets at all times. This creates a home in which you feel a lot more at peace. To ensure that you never have to deal with a power outage that renders your smart home useless, you may want to try the Ohio Edison FirstEnergy kit.

Google Nest Doorbell

This is a gadget that can fit perfectly into any home. Whether you live in a big house or an apartment, you can certainly benefit from a smart doorbell. It has some amazing features which can ensure that any time someone visits you or leaves a package at the door, you will be notified – even if they don’t ring the doorbell themselves. You can see whoever visits you from head to toe, and with an extra Google Nest Aware subscription, the doorbell can even detect if the visitor is a stranger or someone you know.

This device is wired and can give you live footage 24/7 without needing to be charged or having any batteries replaced. You can easily hear whoever visits, and have clear images at any time of the day. This is the perfect device for anyone who wants to monitor the activity outside their front door better.

Philips Hue Bridge

Lighting plays a huge role in your home’s security. By lighting a home well, you can increase visibility both inside and around it, driving away a lot of potential intruders. With lighting, you can give the illusion of an occupied home even when it is vacant. Floodlights are also a good way to keep the front entrance of your home safe.

The Philips Hue Bridge allows you to control your smart LED bulbs by providing you with one convenient app to customize the timing, color schemes and even set routines. You can even pair these lights with a smart speaker and activate voice commands for even better control.

August Smart Keypad

Another excellent addition to your front door: a smart keypad for better lock control. By pairing it with an August Smart Lock, you can increase the security at your home’s entrance substantially. You can control who enters your home and at what time, and all they will require is a smart code that you will provide. This is a great way to only allow people you trust into your home, and even allows you to create unique one-time entry codes. This device runs on batteries, but the battery level is indicated in the app, so that you can replace them when it gets too low.

Smart Security Cameras

Security cameras are somewhat of a given when it comes to home security. This is most likely the first device you will want to get since they can help you monitor any part of your home with ease. Using an app installed in your home, you will be able to monitor the most vulnerable areas of your home at any time of the day, giving you much more peace of mind and helping you sleep better at night. You can get these cameras professionally installed in your home and discover all their different features.

Smoke and Leak Detectors

A home is vulnerable to more than just external threats. There are things within your home that can go wrong and harm it. Fortunately, there are certain smart gadgets that can help with that as well. The Honeywell Home Water Detector is a device that can help keep your home safe from any water damage with its sensing alarm. This device can be installed near any potential spots in your home where a water leak could occur, and you will be notified before the damage gets too much.

Smoke detectors are also an important part of any home. The Google Nest Protect is a device that can detect smoke from any potential fires, as well as CO. It uses a battery, but the app notifies you when it is low. It can detect slow or quickly spreading fires with ease, making your home much more secure.


Home security is something one should never compromise on. A secure home is one in which you can live without the fear of your valuables or life being in danger, whether you are at home or away. Fortunately, smart security gadgets can help make your home a much safer place to live in. Adding these gadgets to any home will allow you to go to work or on trips with a more carefree state of mind, as well as sleep better at night. You can monitor any part of your home with ease, creating the most comfortable lifestyle for yourself.


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