Things You Should Know Before Decorating Your Room

The bedroom is the room in the house where we retire at the end of the day, combining comfort and rest. Unlike what happens in the social nucleus of the house – living room, dining room, and kitchen – it is in the bedroom that we can meet with our private one, explore our ideas or develop an activity that pleases us. We would say, then, that space serves much more than sleeping. Thus, everything becomes essential in your decoration: the type of furniture, the color, the light, the wardrobe, and the main element, that is, the bed.

There is a lot to be done by remodeling services in Houston before deciding on what to buy for your bedroom decor. We leave you with some suggestions. Make a note and start orienting your decorating or perhaps remodeling project.

  1. What Types Of Beds Are There?

The type of bed for your room depends, first of all, on the size of the room and whether it is a single room or a double room. Generally speaking, beds can be divided into four types, according to size:

  • Single bed (1.88 x 0.78 m)
  • Double bed (1.88 x 1.38 m)
  • Queen bed (1.98 x 1.58 m)
  • King bed (1.98 x 1.85m)

In the case of a double room, you can, for example, opt for a box bed that has a myriad of advantages, in addition to being a trend. If space is narrower, you can choose a box bed with a raised platform because you get more storage space. In addition, this option gives you the possibility to choose a custom finish, as you can choose the color and material for the lining.

There are, however, other bed models you might consider. There are iron beds, canopy, with four posts, wooden, with the platform, folding, among others.

  1. Wall Colors

Some argue that colors influence relaxation. Soft colors are linked to a relaxing atmosphere, while bright colors are not so good for that purpose. White is always a good option, as it doesn’t fight with any bolder fabric or frame you want to add. Pastel colors are also a good choice.

If you prefer wallpaper, remember that they are available in different patterns: geometric, floral, plain, among others. You need to keep the rest of the decor in mind not to risk mixing too many patterns or colors. Some like to have a wall, often the headboard, different from the others. Gives an elegant and different touch to space.

  1. What Kind Of Lighting

Lighting is an essential factor in creating a relaxing atmosphere. If the room has built-in lighting, it is always helpful to have lamps on the nightstands or walls. If you don’t have a bedside table, opt for a standing lamp beside the bed. Today there is a wide variety of these luminaires according to hme addition services in Houston: reading, suspended, standing, high, low, and various shapes and colors. Design luminaires are more expensive, but they add an elegant touch to spaces and may appear as a focal point in the room.

Remember to work the light in layers, that is, install a central chandelier, which diffuses a homogeneous light, and taper until you reach the light points oriented to a specific task.


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