What Cabinet Colors To Try For 2022?

If you’re not sure what colors to choose in painting your kitchen cabinets, here are some cabinet color trends to look out for this 2022. However, there has been a little confusion between the colors Evergreen Fog and Veri Peri as the colors of the year that many design industries would like to follow for specific trends—fashion, designing, etc.

As for home remodeling services like kitchen remodeling companies in San Juan Capistrano, cabinet color trends might have thought of a way to kick out the confusion and use the situation to give the people more options to choose from. So, here it goes!

Darker shades of gray are a trend, as will earthily tone like lavender.

 These neutrals will add a fresh touch to any design scheme. They’re also easier to use, making them an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets. If you’re not sure which color to go for, you can mix and match shades of gray to create a unique look for your kitchen.

Green is also a popular color for kitchen cabinets this year.

 You can go for deep hunter greens or light minty hues, as long as they blend well with your other furnishings. It will give your cabinet refacing in Corona Del Mar project a fresh boost. 

Hues of blue will also be a popular color for kitchen cabinets in 2022. It will bring a calming feeling to your home and work well with neutral colors. If you’re a fan of sage, consider mixing it with soft blue colors like powder blue, periwinkle, or pastel blue. 

These shades will also enhance your neutral kitchen’s design scheme. The key is to be patient and not rush the colors to go with the overall theme. You can always mix and match different shades or use the two-toned cabinet styling if you wish.

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What Cabinet Colors to Try for 2022?

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