Types and advantages of wooden skirting?

Skirting is a common fixture in most homes and choosing a suitable design can complement an interior space beautifully. Skirting is made in a variety of materials and provide a hardwearing baseline protection for interior walls. A popular and affordable option for skirting in your home is wooden skirting. This skirting is a versatile material, has many benefits both functionally and aesthetically, and it pairs perfectly with a range of floor finishes.

Types of skirting

There are two types of skirting which are as follow,

  • Hard wooden Skirting

Interestingly with softwood, hard wooden Skirting is produced using denser tree species, for example, birch, elm, mahogany, and oak. On the off chance that you need toughness and class simultaneously, at that point hardwood avoiding is for you. Hardwoods are impervious to water, knocks, thumps, and scratches. Its normal grain radiates an intriguing vibe too.As a result of its characteristic hardness, appealing surface, and trouble of establishment, hardwood avoiding is the costliest sort of Skirting material. In any case, on the off chance that you need a marvel that keeps going, at that point this sort of Skirting is likely your most logical option

  • Soft wooden skirting

Soft wooden skirting sheets are made from timber from conifer trees, for example, pine, cedar, and fir. The wood from these trees is less thick than their hardwood partners, consequently the name. The reason individuals pick softwood skirting is a result of its characteristic grain and surface. Since MDF is misleadingly made, it doesn’t have a similar normal appearance that softwood or hardwood Skirting has. Property holders can bring the extravagant look of wood into their homes with softwood short the strong sticker price that accompanies hardwood.


When you are looking to have skirting, you will have many advantages. For instances,

  • Wooden skirting installation helps filling gaps

Even in modern houses, there can be a few differences between walls and flooring, creating gaps. To overcome this, wooden skirting provides a simple solution for covering these gaps, whilst creating an aesthetically pleasing look.

  • Wooden skirting complements interior design

Wooden skirting is ideal for making a room look and feel complete. They are available in a range of profiles and sizes, which work perfectly in both traditional and contemporary homes. Simple and sleek wooden skirting appeal to modern aesthetics.

  • Wooden skirting is Easy to install with low maintenance

Wooden skirting are easy to install and come in a variety of finishes, which enable you to paint or prime them as you wish. This low maintenance and affordable decorative feature are long lasting and easy to replace if it becomes damaged. They can also be painted in situ if you decide to revamp your décor post installation.

  • Wooden skirting prevent damage

One of the key advantages of having wooden skirting in your living spaces is to keep your rooms looking good. This skirting provides a tough barrier between the walls and furniture. It also prevents knocks for example when you are vacuuming a room or if you have small children running around.


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