Looking to buy an entry door? here’s an informative guide!

One has to have a well-thought entry door for the house. The entry door is one of the parts of the house that usually stands apart. 

People usually take special care to have an entry door with a design that suits the rest of the house. But beyond the aesthetics, the door should also be strong enough to prevent burglary. 

There are so many options in the market today for entry doors. Doors like Inter Québec entry doors are some of the highest quality doors that last longer. 

If you are looking for an entry door for your new home, there are a few things you need to know before you can proceed.

What are the options available while buying an entry door?

The entry door must be the strongest in the house. It is the main entrance to your home and should be well-guarded. 

So, one should buy an entry door made of sturdy material for long-lasting endurance. Most people prefer to use insulated steel to make entry doors. 

Steel doors are cheaper and more energy-efficient than wood or fiberglass. There are also options to custom-design these steel doors as per your choice. 

Fiberglass is also a popular choice when it comes to entry doors. The material is low-maintenance and also has a woodgrain finish. Once you apply the stain, it will resemble a wooden door. It also offers more thermal insulation than an ordinary wooden door. 

What about the door’s functionality?

Once you have fixed the material of the door, you have to ensure sufficient functionality next. 

  • Handles and hinges are two parts of a door that makes sure that the door serves its purpose.
  • The handles carry the lock for the door, and there are multiple options available for the lock system.

One has to ensure that the handle suits the door’s material as well. You can check out classic or contemporary handle designs at companies like Inter-Quebec

Since it is the entry door, you have to give equal importance to the aesthetics of the door and the security of the house. If you can find a balance, you will have an entry door you can be proud of!

Hinges connect the door to the frame and ensure its smooth movement. 

Conventional hinges have the issue of rusting, making it difficult to close and open the door after a few years. Hinges that operate on ball bearings are now available, eliminating this drawback.

Concluding thoughts 

Entry doors are gateways to your home. Make sure you choose a long-lasting material, at an affordable price, without compromising its beauty and quality.


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